5 Reasons to Replace Your Locks

The lock on your front door only protects your premises if the keys are kept secure. Not securing your keys effectively removes the value of the lock. It is important to remember that there is more to keeping your home safe from intruders than simply lock

1. Lost Keys

This is the most obvious reason for a lock replacement. Of course, the lost keys may simply be misplaced. Or they may not be. They just as easily could be in the hands of burglars. The problem is that you do not know where they are, and therefore every time you leave your home you are leaving with the risk of having all your valuables stolen while you are away. The thieves will not have to “break” in, but can simply walk through your front door and out again with anything they want. They may even let themselves in while you are at home. Getting your lock replaced after losing your keys means that you can leave your home with the confidence that your household is secure.

2. Former House Mates

Sharing a home is an effective way to save money, but can bring with it a host of problems. For one thing, not all such relationships end on good terms. If there is conflict between you and those sharing your home and they have a key, it may in your best interest to protect yourself from unwanted visitors by changing your locks.

3. Old Locks, New Home

You are likely not the first tenant or owner of your home or business place. Any of the people who lived in your home before you could still have keys to your doors. Do you really want copies of your house key out there in the hands of an unknown number of strangers? Anyone with a key could simply walk into your home and walk out with any of your belongings if the old lock is in place. This holds true for the premises of a business as well, any previous tenant or their previous employees could have access to your place of business.

4. Untrustworthy Neighbors or Their Visitors

Your neighbors may have questionable intentions or unsavory visitors. You have no way of controlling this, but you can take steps to protect your home. Getting locks that are more secure can make entry into your home more difficult for any would-be intruders.

5. Family/Friends

If you leave your keys with a family member or friend for them to check on your house while you are away, then it is advisable to change your locks when you get back. While the person you asked may be entirely trustworthy, the people who may have had access to your keys while it was in their possession may not be. Copies of your keys could have been made. Changing your locks makes those copies useless.

No one should have to worry about losing their possessions or being unsafe while in their home. Having your locks replaced by trustworthy locksmiths like those at Five Star Locksmiths will help to keep you safe and add to your sense of security while you are within your home.


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