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Homeimprovementsuperstore.com Website Review & Ratings + Home Improvement Superstore Coupons

Home Improvement Superstore is a mega online superstore for all your home improvements, or beautification, from baths to vacuum cleaners, fencing to fountains, security to paint and tools, flooring and rugs to garden furniture and much more. If you are thinking of doing any work on your home, this is the first place to look for ideas, help and products. The prices are as good, if not better than most sites and it is more convenient to shop here, than checking out a site for each type of product you need.

There is a good range of each item with a wide choice of both design and price, so something for everyone’s taste and budget. The site is well set out and easy to navigate for the most part.  Their search function could do with a little refining, as there are products that, while related, are not part of the search – for example searching for “bathroom faucets” gives different vanity tops, vanity units and basins as well as faucets. A total of 2 out of 26 items were actually faucets. If you go into the Faucet section there are nearly 100 different faucets, so be wary of the search results and check the rest of the site well before giving up.

Having said that, the categories are easy to find and use, with clear pictures and descriptions.

of receiving your order, at the lowest shipping rate possible. www.home-improvement-superstore.com

With over 400,000 quality products selling to 200 countries Home Improvement Superstore has just about everything you need to renovate, extend or change a room in your house. They also offer a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee and say they will assist you in your home improvements if you call, use the online chat or email them by replying with a solution or alternative to your problem.

They accept credit cards and Pay Pal, but payment is not on a secure page, so be careful.

Oak 1DR/2Draw Vanity

Home Improvement Superstore: What makes it different?

What makes the Home Improvement Superstore different is the vast range of products, making this a one-stop-shop for all your home improvement needs; from home appliances to plumbing and DIY to security.

The product range includes:

  • vacuum cleaners to water heaters
  • cleaning materials for carpet and floor
  • doors and windows
  • light bulbs
  • flooring
  • home security
  • kitchen and bathroom furniture and fittings
  • fences
  • fountains and lawn equipment
  • paint and tools

Everything under one umbrella makes shopping easier, quicker and also more cost effective as you only pay one lot of shipping, or indeed none at all.

Home Improvement Superstore suggest you contact them if you require a product that is not on their site, and this would seem to indicate they really want your custom – which is what they say in their “about us page”.

Outdoor Lighting

Best Available Home Improvement Superstore Coupon:
Home Improvement Superstore vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Home Improvement Superstore)

Home Improvement Superstore

Home Improvement Superstore is difficult to compare to other stores, as the range they sell encompasses a myriad of sites, but finding it all on the same one is no easy job.

Just Vanities

Just Vanities stocks only vanities and accessories such as faucets, soap dishes and so on, but they have an amazing range – too much. With around 2,000 products to choose from there are too many pages to troll and the “refine search” does not do its job, leaving you with unrelated products. A search for bathroom vanities also gives counter tops and bowls.

While browsing the products the picture enlarges and while this may be useful, it stays too long blocking other items and becomes an annoyance.

Venting Direct

Venting Direct sells different types of ventilation. This is a nice, well laid out site with many ways to choose which products you wish to look at, but they only sell ventilation. If this is all you need, this site is fine, but if you also want a mirror, lights or any other product that means visiting another site and buying the item from there.

Right Tool

Right Tool sells tools and fittings such as pipes and tubing, so does the Home Improvement Superstore site. There are many different categories to look in, but pipes only come up by doing a specific search for them, and there are very pictures until you click the item, and even then there are no dimensions given.

Some categories only let you browse by brand and this makes product comparison next to impossible.


Outdora sells garden furniture but their range is somewhat limited. The category “arbors and trellises gives 2 items only, and even though the picture you click to enter shows an arbor with a seat, this is not listed in their products. This site is not easy to navigate, although it looks pretty. Finding a garden chair is not easy, there are patio chairs that rock, swivel and other things, pool chairs by name, not function and love seats. Under pool chairs they have the “Clermont Sling High Back Dining Arm Chair”, but it does not say what material this is, and as a pool chair that would seem fundamental. The products look very nice, but then so do the prices, which seem to be mostly around $500.

Polished Brass Passage Locksets

Home Improvement Superstore: Pricing & packages

Home Improvement Superstore

Bathroom faucets, 56 starting at $15.97 and going up to $169.97

Soap dishes 13 from $11.97 - $35.86

Bathroom vanities 45 at $99.97 – $459.98

Bath tubs $121.97 – 255.98

Just Vanities

Bathroom faucets, 4 at $96.25, $204.09, $277.92, $400.53

Soap dishes 511 from $2.99 - $558.80

Bathroom vanities, 1802 at $362.60 – over $2,000.00

Home Improvement Superstore

Bathroom fan $29.97 - $210.91

Venting Direct

Bathroom fan $12.35 - $117.00

Home Improvement Superstore

14” Pipe Wrench $18.20

Right Tool

12” Pipe Wrench  $18.95

Home Improvement Superstore

Arbor with Trellis and Bench  $219.97


Cedar Planter Box with Trellis $145.13

Overall, the prices on Home Improvement Superstore are as good or better than other stores that specialise in certain products, making Home Improvement Superstore more convenient as you can buy all the items you need in one place.

Jennings Arbor/Bench

Home Improvement Superstore: Product images & screenshots
Home Improvement Superstore Coupons
Home Improvement Superstore: Customer reviews & comments

Customer reviews of Home Improvement Superstore were not easy to find, but perhaps that is because analysts say this name is too long for Google and other search engines to properly analyse.

One thing that kept cropping up on home improvement advise sites and blogs were suggestions of the best place to buy products, based on past experience – and most of these recommended Home Improvement Superstore.

“If you want to replace your handle you can get many good options, so just go out search home-improvement-superstore.”

“Home Improvement Superstore is the best online store that stocks a wide range of quality and affordable Kitchen Appliances. Find kitchen accessories, tableware and serve ware, cookware, cutlery, and a lot more at this e-store.”

“Then all that you need to do is log onto Home Improvement Superstore to buy Weber charcoal grills at incredibly low prices.”

CHR SGL SelfClos Faucet

Best Available Home Improvement Superstore Coupon:
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